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‘Sesame Street’ Promotes Likely Child Harming Technology

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Credit:  B.N. Frank,

Credit: B.N. Frank,

by B.N. Frank, Activist Post

A few months ago I was channel surfing while sports coverage was on the 10 o’clock news.  My husband was sitting next to me half asleep.  I stumbled onto Sesame Street.  Elmo was on and he has always made me smile so I decided to watch.  He started talking about his friend, “Smarty.”  Suddenly I felt sick.  I prayed to God that Elmo wasn’t talking about a Smart Phone.

An animated 2-seated bicycle with two Smart Phones rode onto the screen.  One of the phones jumped off and the other one rode away.  Elmo introduced the audience to his friend, “Smarty,” and asked him to demonstrate why he was so smart.  I started muttering obscenities which didn’t surprise my husband.  He asked me to change the channel.

Before that night, I had already read, watched, or listened to dozens of media stories about research that proved new technology was being overused and how this was adversely affecting children as well as adults.  When I saw Elmo with a Smart Phone, my heart sank even more.

The next morning I ran an online search for references to this segment but didn’t find any.  I did learn, though, that the Sesame Street logo is being used to market toy Smart Phones for toddlers

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