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Son Returned After Seizure by Child Protective Services

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by Samuel Smith, Christian Post

The Romanian Pentecostal parents of five children who were seized by Norwegian child services last November due to spanking allegations have finally regained custody of their infant son following a court ruling, the family’s spokesman announced.

The five children of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu were removed from the family’s home in Naustdal by the Barnevernet (Norwegian child services) on November 16, 2015, and were placed in three separate foster homes after one of their daughters told her school principal about how her parents spank her and her siblings as a form of discipline, which is illegal under Norwegian law.

After months of limited visitation rights with their children, the family’s spokesman, Pastor Cristian Ionescu, a Chicago-based pastor and vice president of the Romanian Pentecostal Union in the United States and Canada, announced recently that a Norwegian judge has ruled that the parents are to be reunited with their youngest son, Ezekiel.

“Norwegian judge partially ruled in support of the Bodnariu family: the custody decision for Ezekiel has been reversed!” Ionescu wrote in a statement. “The judge instructed that baby Ezekiel should go to be home with his biological parents!”

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