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Student Threatened with Wiretapping Charge for Recording Evidence to Prove Bullying

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Audio wavesby Priscilla Jones, Ben

10 days after was the first media in the nation to report the case of Christian Stanfield, the 15 year old Pennsylvania sophomore who was convicted of disorderly conduct for recording bullies, we have now learned of a new twist in the case.

As we were first to report, Stanfield used his school approved iPad to record a 7 minute incident where bullies mocked and used incredibly vulgar language to berate him during a special education math class. Stanfield says this kind of bullying has gone on throughout the entire school year and made the recording to prove to his mother that the bullying was truly happening. The 15 year-old presented that audio recording to his mother Shea Love who made a transcript of the audio. The next morning, Love called the Dean of Students at South Fayette High School and explained what had happened to Christian.

Instead of the bullies being prosecuted, a local police Lieutenant told Love that her son could face charges of wiretapping which is a felony crime. Christian was not charged with wiretapping after all but on Wednesday, March 19, District Judge Maureen McGraw-Desmet stated that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was charging Christian Stanfield with disorderly conduct. Stanfield never entered a plea, but McGraw-Desmet found him guilty and ordered that he pay a fine.

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