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Study: Our Cats Love and See Us as Parents

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by Joe Martino, Collective Evolution

cat and ownerI have had cats my whole life, currently 3 cats live in my house, and throughout the years I have always told people that cats are often misunderstood. I’d say this because so often people would say they didn’t like cats because they were no fun, didn’t like humans and cared only of themselves.

I mean this light-heartedly, cat skeptics out there would go as far to say that cats even have no personality! For me, someone who has been around cats their whole life, I say there’s no way that is accurate — even in cases where cats are a bit difficult.

Before we get to this fun research, I’ve never really viewed myself as a cat owner… honestly, my 3 cats live with me and my life partner, we don’t own them — that’s our perspective at least. If you asked me, our cats deeply have a connection with me and my partner, and that’s completely regardless of if they have been fed yet or not.

New research published in the journal Current Biology shows that what cat owners regularly see, but that others might not, is that cats do in fact form attachments to humans known as “secure attachment,” this is when a caregiver’s presence gives them the feeling of calm and security. The study was done by scientists at Oregon State University.

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