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Survey: Most Farmers Support Trade Tariffs on China

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Picking peppersby Jon Dougherty, The National Sentinel

A day after Wall Street suffered one of its biggest one-day drops over fears of a ‘recession,’ critics of President Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods claimed they are responsible for wrecking the US economy, as evidenced by the market’s performance.

One group that is consistently held up by both Democrat and Republican critics of the US-China trade war as coming up on the short end of the deal is American farmers: They are suffering massive losses and are on the brink of bankruptcy. This perception has been fed by carefully timed stories in the establishment media, which also has a huge grudge against this president.

But a new survey by Iowa State University found that the vast majority of farmers support the president’s China tariffs, One American News Network reported:

“According to the study, nearly 60-percent of respondents in those states expressed support for the ongoing trade war, while 14-percent had neutral feelings on the matter.

This comes after Beijing announced earlier this month it would be suspending purchases of all U.S. agricultural farm products in response to the Trump administration’s recent round of tariffs targeting $300 billion in Chinese imports.”

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