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Independence of Investigation Clearing Bill Gothard of Criminal Activity Is Questioned

Bill Gothard

An investigation has cleared Bill Gothard, founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, of criminal activity, but blames him for a lack of discretion following sexual harassment claims. It was conducted by Gibbs and Associates Law Firm at the request of the Christian Law Association. Both legal organizations were founded by David Gibbs Jr., a popular speaker at the Institute’s annual conferences. The ministry had contacted the Christian Law Association for an “outside review.” Why not just pick a law firm at random out of the phone book? That way the objectivity of the investigation would not be so open to question.

79 Year-Old Bible Teacher Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Bill Gothard

In the 1970s Bill Gothard was filling auditoriums with his Basic Youth Conflicts seminar. He had an impeccable evangelical pedigree. Gothard’s father, also named William, held respected positions with the Gideons, Child Evangelism Fellowship and Pacific Garden Mission. But now 34 woman are accusing the 79 year-old founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles of sexual harassment over the years.

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