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Ex-Trooper Investigating Sandy Hook as a Hoax Reports Being Threatened

Wolgang Halbig

No one can truthfully say it’s none of Wolfgang Halbig’s business. He’s a national school safety consultant, charged with making sure that what “happened” at Sandy Hook Elementary, doesn’t happen anywhere else. After Halbig started investigating the original incident, his Freedom of Information Request was stonewalled. But that’s not the main reason he suspects something fishy. Halbig has noticed that a medical helicopter was never called out. Neither were EMTs and firefighters allowed in the school. And somehow the death toll of 26 was announced 11 minutes into the incident, leaving little time for a doctor to make the individual determinations, which is required by Connecticut law. And why didn’t parents of dead children file lawsuits against the school, as usually happens? One thing’s for sure. Halbig knows his business. The ex-trooper assisted at the crime scene of the Columbine tragedy.

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