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Video Tells the Story of the Scientist Who Was Fired After Finding Dinosaur Tissue

Mark Armitage

Mark Armitage is a published scientist of over 30 years. After finding a Triceratops horn at a dig in Montana, he examined it under a high-powered microscope. Armitage was astounded to see soft tissue, which implies the dinosaur was no older than several thousand years. The creationist’s discovery is a clear challenge to evolution. It appears California State University at Northridge wasn’t ready to allow that amount of academic freedom.

University Fires Scientist After He Publishes His Discovery of Soft Dinosaur Flesh

Mark Armitage

You could call it the find of the century. Mark Armitage discovered a large triceratops horn at Hell Creek formation in Montana. When Armitage examined it under a microscope, the high-powered device revealed soft tissue, indicating the dinosaur had died no more than thousands of years ago. According to a court document, a California State University official responded, “We are not going to tolerate your religion in this department.” It sounds like the official was blinded to the evidence by his own faith in evolution, which postulates that dinosaurs died out 60 million years ago.

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