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Poll: Edward Snowden Should Have Won Nobel Peace Prize

Snowden Nobel poll

Some people are still upset at former NSA contractor Edward Snowden for breaking his secrecy vows. Others see him as a patriot who placed higher priority on his vow to defend the Constitution and laws of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. 48 percent of participants in a recent poll apparently take this second position, placing Snowden ahead of two people who actually won the Nobel Prize.

Edward Showden Calls Senator Feinstein a Hypocrit for Complaining About CIA Spying

Edward Snowden

Senator Diane Feinstein was outraged that the CIA allegedly spied on a Senate Investigation. She seemingly could not make the connection that ordinary Americans also resent CIA eavesdropping into their lives. But Nobel Prize nominee Edward Snowden, famous for his whistleblowing activities exposing government snooping, was more than happy to try to help her get the point.

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