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FDA Blocks Hospitals from Fast Ebola Detection Technology


It seems detecting Ebola is taking second-place to preserving bureaucratic regulations. The US military has been using a device called FilmArray to test for the presence of the virus. It takes less than an hour. The accuracy rate is greater than 90 percent. But red tape, is keeping civilian hospitals equipped with the $39 thousand device from using it for diagnosis. FilmArray has only been cleared for research.

Study Show Widespread Conflict of Interest Among FDA Advisors


For many, the Federal Drug Administration is the final authority in certifying the safety of what we put in our mouths. But let’s remember the FDA is the agency that approved the questionable Aspartame. So, is that just an exception to an otherwise spotless record? According to a study published in “Milbank Quarterly,” financial interests affected the voting behavior of nearly 14 hundred FDA advisory committee members between 1997 and 2011.

FDA Approves Headband for Decreasing Migraine Attacks

Migraine headband

50 thousand Cefaly nerve-stimulating headbands have already been sold in Europe. Migraine patients typically wear the device for 20 minutes a day. According to the FDA, that results in fewer debilitating headaches a month. The agency reports no evidence the headband reduces the pain of an incident already in progress. On the other hand, the Belgian manufacturer claims the product is useful for treatment.

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