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Guess Which State Has More Residents on Welfare than in School

Michigan school

Nearly 1.7 million residents of Michigan receive food stamps, which is slightly less than the number of students there working toward high school graduation. You may be thinking that must be because of Detroit, which experienced bankruptcy in recent years. But did you know a Grand Rapids-based group has reportedly admitted involvement in a plot that defrauded the food stamp program of nearly $1.3 million?

The Corporate Beneficiaries of the Food Stamp Program

SNAP program

The biggest lobbyists for the food stamp program do not represent low-income families. J.P. Morgan Chase has raked in $209 million from just two contracts for administering EBT card benefits in Florida and New York. Wal-Mart made half a billion dollars from food stamps off Oklahoma residents in a two-year period. Does this qualify as crony capitalism? If so, this isn’t true capitalism at all.

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