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Atheists Convince Town to Cancel Trip to Ark Encounter

Ken Ham's Ark

Thanks to an atheist group, children in Christiansburg, Virginia will only be exposed to one religious viewpoint about the Flood. That would be secular humanism, which the Surpreme Court has determined is a religion. The Freedom From Religion Foundation even quoted from the First Amendment, which specifically prohibits Congress from establishing a religion. I don’t think the town’s parks and recreation department meant to start a state church based on Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, but even if it did, IT ISN’T CONGRESS! It isn’t even the town council.

Atheists Upset with Prayer-Walking Police Chief

Chief A.C.Roper

Birmingham, Alabama Police Chief A.C. Roper holds monthly prayer walks in areas of the city most affected by crime. Speaking of Jesus he says, “At that name crime will bow. … At that name, homicides are bowing. At the name robbery and thefts and burglary are bowing because that name has all power.” The Freedom from Religion Foundation whined about its opposition in a letter to the chief.

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