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GOD TV’s Wendy Alec Reveals Details of Rory’s Moral Failure

Rory and Wendy Alec

According to Wendy, the unnamed other woman “supposedly heard a voice from God telling her that Rory was her Mr. Right and her husband.” It seems the GOD TV founder had come to know the divorced woman by working with her on her jazz album in the studio. Wendy continues, “That landed up in adultery. The [GOD TV] board talked to him and it was just too far gone and Rory said ‘I won’t be controlled’. He went upstairs, packed his bags and he went to Austria.”

GOD TV Founder Rory Alec Resigns, Admits Moral Failure

Rory and Wendy Alec

We’ve seen the same story play out so many times, just with different names. Today we learn GOD TV Founder Rory Alec has stepped down, admitting to “a moral failure.” The TV ministry started broadcasting in England 19 years ago on October 1st. Since then it has grown to a potential viewership of nearly one billion people. When Direct TV became the first American satellite TV provider to carry the ministry in 2006, the company experienced a surge of subscriptions. GOD TV was considered a breath of fresh air for many dissatisfied with existing Christian television at the time. Co-founder Wendy Alec plans to continue the ministry in the absence of her husband. The network currently broadcasts from Jerusalem.

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