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Supporters Trying to Push Through Treaty that Threatens US Sovereignty and Parental Rights

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You can’t always go by the name on a treaty or piece of legislation. Lobbyists try to pick the most innocent sounding names so that nobody will object. But these names often hide very objectionable details in the legal document. In the case of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, details include diminished US sovereignty and parental rights. Defeated in 2012, this treaty returns for consideration again like a bad case of heartburn.

Congress Questions Common Core

Stamp Out Common Core

Last week Senator Lindsey Graham introduced Senate Resolution 345, which opposes Common Core. Although the resolution and its companion measure in the House, fall short of law, Senator Pat Roberts, of Kansas, has taken and even stronger step by introducing Senate Bill 1974. If passed, it would withdraw federal promotion of Common Core. The program forces instructors to “teach to the test,” leaving little time for imparting context and background.

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