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Lawsuit Claims County Routinely Kidnaps Thousands of Babies Without Warrant or Reason

African American woman baby child

Tonita Rogers, of California, had just given birth through Caesarean section. Three days later Juvenile Dependency Investigator Karla Torres, of Riverside County, literally snatched the infant from her breast. All this happened without a warrant, which would have taken about two hours to get if a judge had determined probable cause. It turns out Rogers is not alone. She’s filing a class action lawsuit potentially affecting thousands of incidents. The law firm representing Rogers reports half of its cases involve African American children.

Whole Foods Ordered to Pay $800 Thousand for Overcharging Customers

Whole Foods

Anyone who has taken a high school chemistry class has been exposed to the concept of a tare. It is basically a paper or similar material placed between the scale and the substance being weighed. The weight of the tare must be deducted from the gross weight to determine the net weight of the substance. A successful lawsuit in California accused stores in the Whole Foods chain of neglecting to deduct the weight of containers containing salad bar items. That means the items were sold at higher than advertised prices, resulting in nearly $800 thousand dollars in settlement fees.

Lawsuit: Cops Choke And Tase Unresponsive Deaf Man, “Intentionally Burning His Flesh”


Jonathan Meister is deaf. That’s why he was unable to respond to police officers when they confronted him outside a friend’s house. He wasn’t doing anything illegal — just moving some of his own property that happened to be there. Before Meister knew it, they grabbed him by his wrists, rendering him unable to communicate in sign language. Things went downhill from there until he was tasered.

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