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Rand Paul Backs Morning After Pill

Rand Paul

US Senator Rand Paul, who seems to be interested in the Republican nomination for President in 2016, says he sees the morning after pill as a form of birth control. Here’s the complication — a new baby may already be conceived before the pill is taken. Although WebMD estimates fertilization takes 24 hours, in some cases it may be as quick as 30 minutes. So the morning after pill could result in an extremely early term abortion, something that Paul’s Tea Party supporters may not appreciate.

Hobby Lobby Wins, Obama Loses at Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby

Students are frequently taught that a corporation is a legal person. Since a living, breathing person has religious rights, why wouldn’t a corporate person? Although the Supreme Court did not buy that argument completely, it did open the door widely enough to exempt Hobby Lobby and similar companies that have been protesting the contraceptive mandate of ObamaCare. Under the new ruling, a company must be closely held to meet the exemption, which means there are a limited number of stockholders. Furthermore, such stock is publicly traded only on occasion.

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