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How Major Search Engine Shapes the World in Which We Live

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The New York Post has noted how the Federal Trade Commission quickly dropped its inquiry against a major search engine. According to the newspaper, the company was accused of “abusive trade practices for burying competitors in their search results.” Now it has come out that the industry leader has lobbied hard for ‘net neutrality.’ When the company objected to 15 pages of the Federal Communications Commission’s official report on the subject, they were removed before the document became public.

FCC Approves Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality appears to be another Trojan Horse. It was the Administration’s “gift” to ensure that all ISP customers are treated equally. Its real purpose is more sinister as evidenced by the FCC’s refusal to post the rules before today’s vote. They are expected to become effective 60 days after publication, barring legal action. But AT&T is already threatening a challenge.

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