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1960s TV Show Foresees Common Core

Number 6

The Federal government is trying its best to foist Common Core on every state. It is the culmination of all the education “reforms” described in the classic book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.” Common Core, and programs like it, are the only ones that get federal research dollars. Isn’t it strange that a television show from nearly half a century ago focused in on what we are facing now?

Guess Who’s Dumbing Down the SATs — the Architect of Common Core

David Coleman

David Coleman is a Rhodes Scholar. He’s considered one of the major forces behind Common Core, a form of instruction based on something called “Skinnerian operant conditioning.” Think of it as related to the experiment with Pavlov’s dogs. Your children are “taught” to have knee-jerk reactions to material that will appear on the test, much as the Russian scientist’s canines were taught to salivate with the sounding of a buzzer. Needless to say, not much understanding is imparted.

But now, Coleman has a new role. He’s head of the College Board and is busy cheapening the standards of the SATs. That’s one way to get higher scores! It’s ironic that if Coleman had been educated in a Common Core classroom, he never would have been able to land his current job.

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