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Model Risks Career for Pro-Life Cause

Iona Picos

28 year-old Iona Picos has a successful modeling career in her native Romania. Picos has supported other humanitarian causes in the past, but this time it’s a cause that may be regarded as politically incorrect in her profession, She’s accepted the invitation to be the official ambassador for her country’s 2014 March for Life.

Planned Parenthood Succeeds in Getting Pro-Life Teacher Fired

Mr Diss on blackboard

Bill Diss was a highly qualified teacher. In fact, he was the only teacher in the state of Oregon certified to teach college credit computer science in high school. He also earned special recognition for his work with at risk youth. Diss’ big “mistake” was having the courage to be politically incorrect. Monday night the Portland School Board ended months of uncertainty by voting 6 to 1 to fire him.

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