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Rand Paul Backs Morning After Pill

Rand Paul

US Senator Rand Paul, who seems to be interested in the Republican nomination for President in 2016, says he sees the morning after pill as a form of birth control. Here’s the complication — a new baby may already be conceived before the pill is taken. Although WebMD estimates fertilization takes 24 hours, in some cases it may be as quick as 30 minutes. So the morning after pill could result in an extremely early term abortion, something that Paul’s Tea Party supporters may not appreciate.

Rand Paul Performs Eye Surgeries on Needy Guatemalan Kids During Congressional Recess While Obama Goofs Off on the Golf Course

Rand Paul

Ophthalmologist Rand Paul performed pro-bono surgery before he every became a US Senator or was thought of as a presidential candidate. Most recently, his medical mission trip took him to Salama, Guatemala. Around the same time, Barack Obama was perfecting his golf swing and Hillary Clinton was enjoying the high life in the Hamptons.

Pro-Life Rand Paul Recommends a Compromise Solution to Abortion Controversy

Rand Paul

Rand Paul told an audience at the University of Chicago that while he was personally opposed to abortion, he would not support an outright ban at this time. “The country is in the middle (and) we’re not changing any of the laws until the country is persuaded otherwise.” Paul’s comments will probably cost him some Tea Party support. The Senator’s father, former Congressman Ron Paul, is well known for insisting that the abortion issue is a state, not a federal matter. While he is right from a Constitutional viewpoint, it is difficult to see how abortion could ever be overturned without a federal Amendment.

CPAC Goes Crazy Over Rand Paul

Rand Paul at CPAC

Senator Rand Paul, of Kentucky, won 31 percent of the vote in the Conservative Action Committee’s straw poll recommendation for US President in the 2016 election. Texas Senator Ted Cruz came in second with 11 percent of the vote. Before the poll, Paul cast his vision, ““Imagine a time our great country is again governed by the Constitution … when the White House is once again occupied by a friend of liberty.”

Senator Rand Paul Doesn’t Expect Much Will Change with NSA Spying

Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul says the issue is not so much who holds the data as whether it is collected en masse. In his news conference today, Barack Obama talked about the possibility of having some “third party” actually hold the data. Phone data of US citizens would still be collected, but Obama promised to lighten up on heads of state of US allies — like Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel. That’s nice for her, but not so much for Americans, who pay Obama’s salary.

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