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The War on Raw Milk Expands into Illinois

Raw Milk

The nine pages of regulations proposed by the Illinois Department of Public Health would not ban the sale of raw milk outright, but the rules could have nearly the same effect. Dairy farmer Donna O’Shaughnessy estimates the cost of compliance for her farm at around a third of a million dollars. Raw milk is prized for its health effects, which are compromised during typical industrial processing.

State Destroys Co-op’s Organic Milk and Free Range Eggs

Organic milk and eggs destroyed

Joe and Brenda Golimieski’s Dairty does business through a co-op, to avoid accusations of selling raw milk and free range eggs to customers. But the Michigan Department of Agriculture treated the legal distinction as though it did not exist. The agency destroyed nearly $5 thousand worth of milk, eggs, butter and cream belonging to co-op members. It’s kind of ironic since the natural products are generally much healthier than their Big Agra counterparts.

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