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FBI Apparently Paying Geek Squad to Spy on Customers

Geek Squad

The FBI is familiar with the public relations backlash over warrantless searches. But now it appears the agency has side-stepped the issue by paying someone else to do it. Companies such as Best Buy are currently required to report child porn accidentally discovered on customer computers. However this is different from paying a Geek Squad member $500 to dig around looking for illegal pictures. This makes us wonder where else the FBI may be crossing the line?

Utah Lawmaker Targets NSA Data Center by Shutting Off Water

NSA Utah Data Center

What was once a conspiracy theory is now established fact. Thanks to whistle blower Edward Snowden, the Administration has been forced to admit it spies on citizens without bothering to get a warrant. Much of this is taking place at the NSA Data Center in Utah. Call it a David and Goliath story if you like, but state representative Mark Roberts is hoping to hit the Center where it hurts.

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