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Tea Party College Professor Credits God for His Victory Over House Majority Leader

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David Bratt

Credit: Randolph Macon College

by Edward Lee Pitts, World

In an “unbelievable miracle” he attributed to God, college economics professor David Brat defeated incumbent representative and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Virginia’s Republican primary Tuesday.

Cantor’s shocking loss in the state’s 7th Congressional District serves as a stern rebuke to establishment politicians and provides the most visible sign yet of grassroots voters’ frustrations with the status quo in Washington. Cantor becomes the first lawmaker to lose a primary while holding the House majority leader position, providing a jolt to the recent conventional narrative that the GOP establishment had gained the upper hand during this primary season.

Brat won even though Cantor raised considerably more money. Brat took in a little more than $200,000 while Cantor, who has occupied the House majority leader position since 2011, raised nearly $5.5 million. But Brat said, “The good news is dollars don’t vote. People do.” His victory illustrated how the district’s voters, who Brat characterized as fed up with Washington, could not be swayed by who spent the most dollars.

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