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Teen Mania Closes Down Amid Financial Shortfalls

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Ron and Katie Luce

Teen Mania founders Ron and Katie Luce

by Leonardo Blair, Christian Post

After nearly 30 years in ministry, Teen Mania International, a once popular Evangelical Christian youth organization based in Dallas, Texas, announced Thursday that it will shutter operations amid mounting financial struggles.

“Katie and I feel this chapter coming to a close, and are grateful to the Lord for all that He has done through those who have rallied around this vision over the years. Together we have taken many risks, climbed many mountains and slayed many giants!” said Teen Mania founder, Ron Luce, in a statement posted on the ministry’s website.

Teen Mania was started by Luce in 1986 “to reach and inspire a generation to change the world.” In 1991 it established Acquire the Fire which used high-tech and high-impact worship and teaching seminars to reach teenagers and it attracted millions of followers and money.

Documents cited in a Christianity Today report note that Teen Mania recorded $23.1 million in total revenue in fiscal year 2001 and by fiscal year 2007 revenue had jumped to $35.6 million.

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