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The Art of Faking News Through AI

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Fake Newsby Daniel Jennings, Off the Grid News

AI is faking news on YouTube nowadays with a surprising degree of accuracy. There’s even an artificial intelligence (AI) copy of podcast king Joe Rogan that bears an uncanny resemblance to the real man.

In fact, the AI can create lifelike copies of Rogan’s voice and likeness. Moreover, the AI even chose the topic and wrote the script for a fake podcast, The Verge claims.

However, there is nothing nefarious about the AI Joe Rogan. Instead, the AI is a publicity stunt for Dessa, an artificial intelligence company. Dessa’s engineers are testing out what their technology is capable of.

On the whole, the Dessa AI does a good job of copying Rogan’s voice, mannerisms, and appearance.

The AI also chose the topic for the demonstration video, which included a bizarre rant about a chimp hockey team. In detail, the AI watched hundreds of Rogan videos and used the details to create its deep fake video.

So, Dessa’s AI can mimic real people like celebrities, politicians, and newscasters. Consequently, AI can conceivably now create both fake news and fake newscasters.

Therefore, AI can put fake news into the mouths of real people and create videos to spread fake news online. For example, an AI version of Fox News’ Chris Wallace could “report” a fake news story as fact.

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