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The Great Pro-Life Victory in Argentina

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Cheering Argentinains

Credit: Argentina Defiende La Vida

by Monica Showalter, The American Thinker

It was utterly radical news from the other end of the hemisphere that the press didn’t seem to want to talk about much.

As Ireland and Chile were falling to the abortion forces and getting great media coverage about how they’d finally foisted ‘progress‘ upon their once-Catholic nations, Argentina of all places pushed back resoundingly in the opposite direction, with its Senate taking a stunning stance in favor of life, despite a big global pro-abortion campaign in the name of ‘women’s rights.’ And that came despite a big press buildup cheering the other side on as the only side worth reporting on.

Wow. Even many pro-lifers have up until now viewed the defense of life as almost a rearguard battle, triage in the name of keeping life alive as an issue in the hopes of a better day, given the size and power of foes such as Planned Parenthood and its mainstream media allies. All ‘respectable’ Democrats support the killing of the unborn. Pretty much all Hollywood actresses support Planned Parenthood. And certainly the press covers just one side of the issue – the pro-abortion side, because supporting life is just … unthinkable. It’s a juggernaut, and not only is it deep, it’s worldwide. The Irish abortion vote earlier this year, which forces even Catholic hospitals to perform abortion even if it goes against conscience, was horrible.

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