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The High Cost of Sleeping Less

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Staying awakeby Luis Miranda, The Real Agenda News

In a recent article, I wrote about how happiness has become an unhealthy obsession. It is impossible to be happy all the time, and most people do not even understand what it means to be happy.

Incredibly, the pursuit for success, not health or happiness, has taken a key role in modern society, even if the price of success, if achieved, is extremely high for money to pay for it.

One of the currencies people who want to be successful do not normally value is health. Women decide not to have children, so they can climb the professional ladder earlier in life, so they can appear to be successful and independent to themselves and others.

Men, who die earlier and take on more dangerous lifestyles than women, both at work and generally in life, suffer even more the consequences of “being successful”.

There are training courses for entrepreneurs that detail how many hours to devote to sleep, and recommendations that circulate on the Internet. They consist of sleeping three hours in a row and taking three naps of 20 minutes throughout the day.

It is a custom that is associated with job success. From Elon Musk to the top executives of most multinational companies, it is not uncommon for the success of executives to be attributed to the alleged virtue of squeezing out waking time to the fullest.

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