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The Seven Mountain Prophecy’ Author Shares A Word on Trump

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Donald Trumpby Johnny Enlow, Charisma Magazine

Last night I was awakened with an intense and fiery word from the Lord that I will attempt to convey. This is what I heard:

“Be not moved and shaken by the present shakings, rumblings and reactions coming out of DC. I did not go out of My way to affect this last election to then suddenly have it aborted. I played My Trump card, and I will win the hand. This move does not require My Trump card to be perfect, as I have already taken all of that into consideration—as I always do—when I choose anyone for any assignment that I have.

“Jesus was the last man that had the character in place to actually sustain the call upon His life. Since then no one has had the character-base necessary for the great assignments that I have given out. Do not wrongly assume that I only call those who are qualified. I, instead, continually work to qualify the called, but I have amazing patience for that process. Yes, I am actively at work in upgrading My Trump card’s character even through the fire he is going through.

“Do not find yourself having less patience than I do in your zeal for character and holiness. Human religious idealism has time and time again worked against Me as you choose to prioritize that which you see fit instead of what I am working on next. You must learn to stay out of judgment seats you don’t belong in.

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