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To Boldly Go Where Taxes Have Not Gone Before, Well Almost

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Rocket launchby D. Samuelson, News Target

California politicians just love taxes. As reported by, the rates established for personal income and state sales taxes in the golden state are the highest in the nation. California’s corporate income tax is the highest in the west, and taxes on gasoline are ranked seventh in the US. Let’s not forget property taxes, which are “ranked 22nd highest nationally.” Add on top of all these others something called a parcel tax, which property owners may be levied because they are located in a certain school district or other special jurisdiction.

All the aforementioned California government fees and taxes are for foods, structures and activities happening on the ground. But now, writes the San Francisco Chronicle, the bureaucrats over at California’s state Franchise Tax Board are looking toward the heavens as a potential source of revenue. Specifically, they want to target any company in the state that will be making half their money from space transportation, which is defined as “the movement of people or property 62 miles above the surface of the Earth.” This means that companies like Space X, or any industry that will use a California launch pad may be subject to this new regulation, if it passes. Under the current tax proposed rules, most space travel is assumed to be about 250 miles above that 62 mile boundary.

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