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Tracking Patriots Like Terrorists

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Obama and SPLC

Credit: American Free Press

by John Friend, American Free Press

As a direct result of a heavy-handed and very public lobbying campaign carried out by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), easily one of the most un-American organizations operating on United States soil today, the Justice Department (DoJ) has announced the creation of the Domestic Terrorism Counsel, which is specifically tasked with identifying, analyzing, and combating domestic terrorism and homegrown extremism.

The obvious concern for advocates of free speech and thought in the U.S. is that anyone voicing any sort of criticism toward the federal government, its policies or the various lobbying organizations shaping and influencing its agenda could now be considered a “domestic terrorist” who must be dealt with.

The Domestic Terrorism Counsel, a position designed to track and coordinate federal investigations into domestic terrorism, will work with and serve as a liaison between a variety of federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and various departments within the DoJ, along with private intelligence and lobbying organizations, such as the SPLC.

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