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Trump’s Counterstrikes Against Deep State Appear Imminent

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Deep Stateby J. D. Heyes, Trump News

If you’re a supporter of POTUS Donald Trump and you’ve been patiently waiting for him to launch a legal and political counterstrike against the Deep State co-conspirators who strategized with former President Obama to depose him, you won’t have to wait much longer.

It appears that time has come.

During a recent show, Alex Jones said the White House has “confirmed” it is planning to use every tool at its disposal to bring justice to those who have been attempting to overthrow our duly-elected president just because they have decided he “doesn’t belong” in the Oval Office.

“President Trump is planning to annihilate the Deep State,” Jones said. “He’s planning to go nuclear. He’s planning to use all the evidence and all the intel he has to roll up their criminal operations.

“The president and this republic are now entering the prime zone of danger,” he continued.

Jones’ revelations come on the heels of an earlier announcement by House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-California) that he was preparing several criminal referrals to the Justice Department and Attorney General William Barr regarding the “Spygate” scandal, as The National Sentinel reported recently.

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