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Unelected Bureaucrats Hand Over Control of Wyoming City to Indians

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Riverton, Wyoming


by Alex Newman, The New American

In apparent defiance of federal law and US court rulings, unelected bureaucrats at the increasingly out-of-control Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other Obama administration departments unilaterally purported to grant control over the city of Riverton, Wyoming, to tribal authorities for the Wind River Indian tribes. At least two smaller towns are also affected.

The scheme appears to illustrate a growing United Nations-linked trend being witnessed across the United States and the world. In essence, vast amounts of private land and even entire towns are being taken over by authorities under various pretexts — UN agreements, Agenda 21 “sustainability,” and supposed concerns about indigenous peoples — to advance a radical agenda targeting private property rights.

In Wyoming, the deeply controversial executive-branch machinations that purport to place Riverton, Kinnear, and Pavillion inside tribal boundaries have already sparked an outcry among residents and state officials. The battle, however, has only just begun, with Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and his administration vowing to fight back.

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