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Vaccination’s Secret and Unflattering Track Record

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Vaccine secretsby Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

A concerted and “heavy-handed” effort is under way to censor information that contradicts the oversimplified sound bites put forth by public health agencies and the media about vaccines. However, while brazen, in-your-face censorship —  and attacks on health freedom — have ratcheted up to an unprecedented degree,  officialdom’s wish to keep vaccination’s unflattering track record out of the public eye is nothing new.

There is a chasm between vaccine rhetoric and reality for most if not all vaccines, but four vaccines — varicella (chickenpox), rotavirus, human papillomavirus (HPV) and pertussis-containing vaccines — offer especially instructive before-and-after case studies. Analysis of the US experience with these vaccines raises important questions. First, why did the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) race to approve — and why does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) heavily promote — vaccines such as varicella and rotavirus when there is little public health justification for them? Second, why are federal agencies ignoring the many serious risks that have surfaced in the vaccines’ wake — problems unheard of before the vaccines’ introduction?

The rationale for the varicella and rotavirus vaccines was dubious from the start. In the US and other wealthy countries, varicella and rotavirus were nearly universal and mostly benign childhood infections; in those settings, the pre-vaccine impact of the two conditions was largely measured in terms of “healthcare costs, missed daycare, and loss of time from work for parents/guardians” rather than in terms of serious illness or mortality.

Childhood chickenpox infections served an important purpose for all, conferring lifelong immunity to infected children while boosting adult immunity to the related shingles (herpes zoster) virus. With the rollout of mass varicella vaccination, shingles started cropping up to an unprecedented extent in both children and adults, eliminating boosting for adults and shifting downward the average age at which shingles occurs. Vaccine waning also began increasing young adults’ risk for varicella outbreaks and complications later in life, presenting “perverse public health implications.” Meanwhile, the CDC and its local public health partners worked hard to conceal these unwanted chickenpox vaccine outcomes from the public.

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This is article is adapted from the second Children’s Health Defense eBook: Conflicts of Interest Undermine Children’s Health.

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