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Vermont Kidnaps Teen After Mom Takes Her to Hospital

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Elissa and Karen maple

Credit: Maple family

by Jennifer Lilley,  Natural News

A simple visit to the hospital to help her daughter manage her anxiety has turned into a nightmare for Karen Maple and her child, Elissa. What should have been a trip to discuss possible options for Elissa led to the hospital’s decision to whisk the Vermont teenager to a mental ward several hours away in Massachusetts.

Understandably, Karen was upset to see such a drastic option unfold and, therefore, expressed her dissatisfaction over the decision. Apparently, that didn’t set well with certain authorities; just like a page from Orwell’s do-like-we-do-or-else book 1984, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) took over, assuming custody of Elissa.

DCF pointed to her stomach scars, and instead of believing the mother’s words — or checking hospital records for confirmation — that they were from a previous appendix surgery, insisted the marks suggested evidence of self harm. All the more reason, they maintained, to remove the girl from her home and keep her heavily drugged in a facility where it’s believed that the drugs she was forced to take ultimately led to her schizophrenia diagnosis.



Sadly, this situation is just one example of this mother and daughter’s wishes being blatantly ignored. For example, prior to being admitted, Elissa was in a four-wheeler accident. When her mother requested that she get an MRI to check on any head injuries, medical experts denied such testing.

One has to wonder if the family was being set up. Could it have been likely that she had a head injury that led to her anxiety? Was this anxiety reason enough for DCF to step in and argue as a prime opportunity to take over — for whatever reason they apparently found necessary? Could she possibly have another head-related problem caused by the accident that created anxiety-like symptoms, but may have been something much more serious? They’ll never know.

Unfortunately, to this day, the teen, who used to be homeschooled and excelled at photography, is still drugged up with mind-altering chemicals and away from her mom, living at the Brookside Intensive Treatment Unit in Great Barrington, MA, where she’s been since 2013.



While the facility’s website paints a picturesque image of a place nestled “in a rural setting” where there are “many recreational and cultural activities” such as music, theater and hiking, a darker reality exists. Karen explains that her daughter is facing less-than-ideal situations there; Elissa complains of cold showers where people are watched in the process, of the fact that she’s not allowed to have a Bible and of not being fed enough.

Elissa has even alluded to sexual abuse taking place in the facility, but fears speaking up on the matter.

Unfortunately, situations like this are becoming increasingly commonplace.



For years, Anne Giroux and her son, Kevin, were constantly denied medical treatment for Kevin, despite his ongoing chest pains. Authorities ultimately chalked up their frequent trips to the ER as over-the-top, with CPS stepping in and alleging that Anne had “Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.” This refers to someone who intentionally makes medical issues worse, exaggerates them or even fakes them in the first place just for attention.

While Kevin is now back home, he did end up enduring a heart attack and other life-threatening cardiac events that wouldn’t have occurred had he been given the treatment his mother so desperately sought in the first place.

Other issues similar to this persist; this list contains more than a dozen instances where medical kidnappings have taken place. Just like with Elissa, these people also have faced — or continue to face — the horrors of being forced from their homes and given drugs that make them even worse.

They aren’t limited geographically either; cases range from the UK to Seattle, Washington, and take place in Boston, Massachusetts, and Akron, Ohio, indicating the widespread nature such disturbing, unnecessary practices.


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