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Virginia Governor Making Illegal Voting Easier

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Terryl McAullife

Credit: Kate Wellington

by Hans von Spakovsky and Rachel Landsman, The National Review

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and his appointees to the Virginia State Board of Elections seem determined to ensure that felons and non-citizens can illegally register and vote in elections without getting caught.

In April 2015, Governor McAuliffe vetoed House Bill 1315, which would have required jury commissioners to retain information from individuals not qualified to serve as jurors for reasons that would also disqualify them from voting, such as

  • not being a citizen of the United States
  • no longer being a resident of the Commonwealth
  • being a resident of another county or city in the Commonwealth
  • having been convicted of a felony and having not provided evidence that their right to vote has been restored, or
  • having been adjudicated incapacitated

The bill would have required the sheriff or clerk of court to “make such information available, upon request, to the general registrar for that locality,” so that the general registrar could cancel the registration of those individuals deemed ineligible to vote.

The bill was clearly intended to prevent illegal registration and voting by non-citizens, felons and others ineligible to vote in Virginia. Governor McAuliffe vetoed the bill, claiming in his veto explanation that he was “committed to protecting the voting and civil rights of Virginians” and that “additional study” was needed.

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