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Was All That Concrete to Bury Epstein’s Tunnels?

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Carmix 5.5 XLThe elite definitely does not want the truth about Epstein and his island to be revealed to the public. Since the heat was put on the billionaire months ago, there’s been desperate efforts to filter, erase and destroy damning evidence on Epstein’s properties. This extreme panic culminated in the extremely suspicious “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein, a convenient death for hundreds of power people who knew him.

Because there is much more to the Epstein case than the “soliciting of minors”. It was operating a massive system of child abduction, transport, and abuse that involved a great number of high-powered individuals. And it is suspected that the most violent and horrific acts were being committed far from public view: Inside underground tunnels on Epstein’s remote private island.

In the article Jeffrey Epstein: The True Ugly Face of the Occult Elite, I examined several bizarre and symbolic features on Epstein Island. One of them was the presence of entrances that apparently lead to underground tunnels. I also mentioned sources that have been claiming, since last year, that Epstein was spending millions of dollars to bury tunnels underneath the “temple” on the island.

Recently, the Daily Mail released exclusive information that seems corroborate these suspicions.

On November 7th, 2018, Epstein had a $100,000 self-loading cement mixer delivered to his island using an Express Bill Of Lading — an unusual and expensive shipping method that does not require the cargo to be “released”.  This shipping method requires the customer to pay for the goods up front, making them responsible if damage occurs during shipment. In short, Epstein needed this machine fast.

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