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Welsh Government Takes Aim at Homeschooling

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Welch flagby Mike Donnelly, HSLDA

Families across the United Kingdom enjoy the ability to home educate without undue state intervention — a freedom not found anywhere else in Europe. But for citizens of the country of Wales, this could soon change.

Although Wales is part of Great Britain, the English parliament has assigned general responsibility for controlling education to the Welsh National Council. Citing their obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Welsh Assembly is seeking to introduce significant restrictions on home education, including required home visits and other burdensome regulations.

Current Welsh guidelines allow state intervention in homeschooling when there is evidence that the child’s education is not “suitable.”

The Welsh regulations represent a trend throughout Great Britain. The English Department for Education recently announced its intention to seek a register of all “children not in school.” Scotland has announced its plans to “consult” on new home education guidelines with its local authorities this year. In the Isle of Man, a Crown dependency, the government is seeking to introduce a new education bill which includes draconian oversight of home-educated children.

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