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Who’s Behind the Allegations Against Judge Roy Moore?

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Judge Roy Mooreby Gualberto Garcia Jones,

Last Thursday, The Washington Post published an article accusing Judge Roy Moore of systematically targeting very young women and one girl for intimate relationships. Although only one of the accusers’ testimony would have constituted a crime, all of them are deeply troubling. Judge Roy Moore has unequivocally denied the allegations and has announced that he will sue The Washington Post for defamation.

I recently wrote an article for LifeSiteNews extolling the fruits of Judge Roy Moore’s public and professional career and predicted that, if elected, Roy Moore would be the nation’s most ardent defender of the right to life, family and religious liberty.

As I mentioned in that article, Judge Moore makes cosmopolitan elites of both parties very uncomfortable. If anyone running for office has a target on his back, it is Judge Roy Moore. In the eyes of most elites, Judge Roy Moore was already guilty before these allegations came out.  Guilty of defying “the law” as decreed by five unelected judges and guilty of trying to “suppress (the) civil rights” of fellow Americans. It should come as no surprise that people like the editors of National Review and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would publicly convict Judge Roy Moore in less than 12 hours solely on one article published by a politically partisan publication.

The Washington Post‘s political motivations to destroy the reputation of Judge Roy Moore are evident and the tactics used against him uncannily resemble those used against President Donald Trump. A month before the presidential election of 2016, The Washington Post published accusations of sexual misconduct against candidate Donald Trump while endorsing his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

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