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Yesterday’s ‘Conspiracy Theories’ are Proving Correct

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by Ethan Huff, Trump.News

In case you haven’t noticed, so much of what Natural News has predicted over the years is not only now coming true, but is also now being reported by the mainstream media. This proves, once again, that many of the so-called “conspiracy theories” that the independent media is often accused of spreading are actually just cutting-edge truth bombs being dropped long before the establishment chooses to take notice of them.

Take the “smart” revolution, for instance. For years, Natural News has been warning that so-called “smart” devices are really just spy devices that spook entities like the National Security Agency (NSA) are using to violate the Fourth Amendment rights of Americans — and we’ve taken plenty of flack for suggesting such. But it’s since been shown that “smart” televisions, for instance, are, in fact, watching and listening to people as they stare into these giant screens.

The same is true for all of the “smartphones” that people stare into all day long, which we warned last fall are being used by tech giants like Facebook to not only listen in on people’s private conversations without their knowledge or consent, but also track their every move — again, without permission.

It wasn’t too long ago that using words like “globalists” or “deep state” to describe the backroom entities that control our planet was considered to be a “mental illness.” But now, once again, such terms have gone mainstream because, contrary to what the establishment would have us all believe, there really is a shadow government working behind the scenes to destroy America from within, and strip its people of all the rights and liberties that were bravely fought for by our Founding Fathers.

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