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Your Uber Ride May be Recorded

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Recorded on Uberby Kristen Houser, Futurism

Soon, both Uber drivers and passengers will have the option of recording audio during their rides.

According to internal Uber communications viewed by The Washington Post, the goal of the new feature is to increase safety — but it’s easy to see how the move could be less about Uber looking out for its users and more about the company protecting its own interests.

Uber will launch the new feature in several cities in Mexico and Brazil in December. Before the company can roll it out in the United States, though, it will need to figure out how to avoid violating recording consent laws, which can vary depending on the state, Uber wrote in an email viewed by The Post.

The feature won’t tell drivers and passengers if the other has chosen to record a specific ride. Rather, Uber will issue a “blanket warning” to users about the possibility of recording in areas trialing the feature.

“When the trip ends, the user will be asked if everything is okay and be able to report a safety incident and submit the audio recording to Uber with a few taps,” an Uber executive wrote an email viewed by The Post. “The encrypted audio file is sent to Uber’s customer support agents who will use it to better understand an incident and take the appropriate action.”

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